Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet

Dr. Oakley is the only vet in her area of the Yukon. She treats domestic pets, endangered wildlife, farm animals--basically anything that walks on fours, crawls, flies. All of that- plus she's a wife and a mom of three girls.

Genre: Reality

Actor: Michelle Oakley

Country: USA

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2014

IMDb: 8.3

Season 1 - Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet
"A near fatal emergency brings Dr. Oakley to her home clinic where she rapidly works on a dog with a face full of porcupine quills. At her satellite clinic in Alaska, Dr. Oakley improvises with foam piping to make a wing splint for an owl."
"Dr. Oakley stops at a local farm to run some tests on horses that may be at risk for a highly contagious disease, transmitted through the bite of horse flies. Then she pays a visit to the angriest muskox in the Yukon for a routine check-up, but he doesn't plan on surrendering without a fight. Later Dr. Oakley helps a devoted dog owner figure out the best options for his sick yet beloved family lab suffering from a chronic cough caused by a blocked windpipe."
"It's mating season in the Yukon which means Dr. Oakley is busier than ever. She gets her hands a little dirty first to diagnose Priscilla, a cow who can't seem to get pregnant. Then, she gets a call from the Yukon Wildlife Preserve to help with a tricky case of a young caribou bull with growths on his nose. Then it's off to the next appointment, but this one is different. Mating season isn't in the cards for Dr. Oakley's dog, Daisy Mae Lover-Pants, and the time has come for her to get spayed."
"Dr. Oakley has a full slate of home clinic visits with an angry cat that may have diabetes and a dog with an uncomfortable anal gland problem. Then, a definite rarity in these parts is an exotic 38-year-old blue and gold parrot in need of a nail and beak trim. But first up is Skippy, a reindeer of concern to the Yukon Wildlife Preserve because after two surgeries, his umbilical hernia continues to reappear. Can Dr. Oakley relieve him of his discomfort?"
"Veterinarian Michelle Oakley is preparing for another harsh winter in the Yukon Territory. But before the snow gets too high, she wants to show her daughter, Sierra, the ropes of animal care. First, they perform a checkup on an 8-month-old puppy weighing in at more than 100 pounds. Then they work together to keep a bighorn sheep alive. The duo later visits an orphaned bear with a raspy lung. Sierra holds her own and leaves everyone impressed. Do we have the next Dr. Oakley on our hands?"
"Winter weather in the Yukon has come, and the cold temperature brings in some serious work for vet Michelle Oakley. Michelle makes a house call to a blind farmer who has a male goat that hasn't been able to breed. Then, Dr. Oakley is tasked with trying to move a herd of horses away from the highway and attempts to corral them by helicopter. Next Michelle heads down to the American Bald Eagle Foundation to perform a check-up on a very uncooperative owl."
Season 2 - Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet
"In the days leading up to Dr. Michelle Oakley's work at a Yukon sled dog race, she handles a variety of patients, including some very fast sled dogs. On race day Michelle plunges in, examining a long stream of athletic dogs."
"The Quebec caribou population is on the brink of extirpation, and veterinarian Michelle Oakley flies in to help save it."
"Tragedy strikes the Oakleys\u2019 own backyard when a coyote attack puts Willow\u2019s goat in critical condition."
"Pregnancy checks, baby animals and mud bogging, mean one thing to veterinarian Michelle Oakley'spring has sprung in the Yukon!"
"As spring arrives, the animals of the Yukon are becoming more active. Dr. Oakley is on the move too, heading to treat juvenile eagles with debilitating burns."
"Winter weather in the Yukon has come, and the cold temperature brings in some serious work for Yukon veterinarian Michelle Oakley."
"This week Dr. Oakley is tasked with performing a risky surgery on a reindeer that may not make it through the winter."
"It's the end of the summer in the Yukon, time for many animals to go into rut. However, a few animals of Dr. Oakley's are a little slow to start the process."
Season 3 - Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet
"Dr. Michelle Oakley covers thousands of miles as she tends the Yukon's animal population; she treats a 300 pound yak and a golden eagle."
"This week, Dr. Oakley\u2019s house calls consist of a string of scary visits that ultimately send two people to the hospital."
"A baby boom has hit the Yukon Territory, and for Dr. Michelle Oakley that means helping a weak cow deliver an oversized calf, delivering puppies and treating a pregnant goat."
"Dr. Oakley helps with the birthing season in Alaska, where she witnesses a rare reindeer delivery, nurses a baby moose back to health and neuters a wolverine."
"Dr. Oakley treats a sled dog with a face full of porcupine quills and a baby moose with life-threatening indigestion."
Season 4 - Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet
"Dr. Oakley chases sheep, protects an ailing musk ox, and teams up with a superhero pig. She then reunites with Patches, a dog with a puzzling paw problem."
"Dr. Oakley examines two feisty wood bison before they are released into the wild, then travels by helicopter to a glacier to check on sled dogs."
"Dr. Oakley takes to the skies to chase some of the Yukon's toughest wild horses, and a kitten's unexpected pregnancy scare could force a tough medical decision."
"Dr. Oakley travels to Prince Edward Island to tackle a bison inbreeding problem, and then helps a horse with a fractured hoof."
"Dr. Oakley goes to a remote island for a calf castration, but the routine surgery quickly turns dangerous."
"Dr. Oakley risks her life to save a brown bear from drowning and a 600-pound boar needs help parting with his oversized family jewels."
"Dr. Oakley travels to a bear sanctuary where she ends up in the middle of a brother bear brawl. Meanwhile, a horse named Fancy is having trouble with her gait."
Season 5 - Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet
"Dr. Oakley is on an airborne mission to track down a wild boar who has contributed to the species' overpopulation in the area, but he's hard to wrangle."
"Dr. Oakley traps a snarling wolverine to learn more about her ferocious species, but this girl is all bite."
"Dr. Oakley is perched in the trees waiting for a hungry bear and a reindeer needs help."
"Dr. Oakley treats two disgruntled pigs and a calf banding turns into a wild cow chase."
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